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Love Jesus Save the children the rest is small prinT

Dil Horvat 

Solid endorsements

Stuart Graham ( Missionary to the Philippines ) This is a ministry I support and I can fully endorse it as the genuine article. The vast majority of the money raised goes directly to help the children. There is no top heavy administration and no large salaries to pay for. It’s all about the kids..
Stuart Graham
Missionary to the Philippines
Touch1000Lives is a UK registered charity and we started sponsoring children at Hope House Cebu about 7 years ago, we weren’t the first but we were early supporters. As we are required to verify that the intended beneficiaries are indeed being helped, we watched very closely how the first child, and then the second, changed dramatically for the better once they were sponsored.
Dil Horvat
Touch 1000 lives
Former USAF I visited David and his wife Ailene with the purpose of making a video about their ministry. I made the video and David has posted it. This is a real ministry that I support, and I hope to be able to return.
Patrick Cole
Former USAF
I have been to Hope House on three visits and on each returning visit I have seen the transformation of begging street children into well dressed children now going to school. It is amazing. It is astounding. I get very emotional because I know the children and to see what Jesus has done has increased my faith 100 fold. Hope House works miracles in the lives of these children. I sponsor two children and endorse this ministry fully.
Rodger Van Huizen
Airport London
Missionary to the Philippines We support Hope House
Tom Bice
Missionary to the Philippines
( Minster of God in Cebu) I have known David for years and have been to Hope House. David is the real deal
Ralph Wells
Minister Cebu City

Carl Henderson

Carl Henderson.( Former missionary to the Philippines ) You are living with the people which is very hard physically and emotionally. I would do that for a few weeks or a month at a time and I always went home sick and needed a couple of weeks to recover from the dehydration, fatigue, rashes, colds, asthma, bronchitis or pneumonia, etc,.. Several times I ended up in the hospital and I am an old soldier used to hard living in Africa and the heat of the southwest border of the USA. Most people can not even stand the stench, flies, cockroaches everywhere, let alone the tasteless food (tasteless by American standards), or the giant rats, mosquitos, air pollution, stifling, unrelenting, sweltering heat and humidity. Even our Filipino missionaries who came from other places in the Philippines were shocked at life and the conditions in the slum and squatter areas,… You have my respect David M Wilkerson!


We are so grateful to the people on Facebook around the world that have reached out to these children.  God loves the children and God loves you. My calling is to save the children of God. Without help, their situation is too much for them, even you could not make it, how then can they make it? They need our help, our support., our prayers and our commitment. We can give them access to education and we can teach them the bible. We can disciple them. Our ministry is in the will of God. God’s great desire is that they be saved and lifted up out of exploitation and extreme poverty. I look forward to the coming times ahead as we continue to grow and expand and to realize the vision that Almighty God has given us.  God bless you all.  

David M Wilkerson 

Founder Hope House

Theresa Murillo 

THIS is what the Kingdom of GOD is all about…Suffer the little children to come to Me & forbid them not, for such IS the Kingdom of GOD!!
You, my Brother, are a Nehemiah to these children…rebuilding broken down walls and destroyed gates!!
You, your family & these lives you minister to are ALWAYS in my prayers!! 
The effectual FERVENT prayer of a righteous man/woman AVAILS much!! 💖💖💖

Our Ministry

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. 

Connecting to community

When we talk about connecting to community, we are talking about the faith community, the educational community, the business community and the world community. What happens with third world poverty, is isolation, and lack of access.

Access to education

We make the children and youth aware of the many programs that they can get into and the goal plans they need to make to enter college or trade school. We guide and support them with their goal plans.

Street and Urban slum children

We go out and feed children who are living on the streets and we feed in the poverty areas. Over time we get to know many of the children and also some of the parents. We work at forming relationships with them.

Warriors against the night

Third world urban poverty happens for reasons. In this kind of poverty, people become trapped in attitudes of hopelessness. The cycle of poverty is also a cycle of ignorance. We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ, the good news is the best solution

A community against trafficking

We see and hear a lot more about trafficking these days. It has a much longer history in SE Asia. What I have done is study the trafficking problem so that we can effectively combat it. Child trafficking does not happen for no apparent reason. There are specific conditions that are present when children are trafficked.

Economic opportunity

Here are some things we are working on 

Ralph M. Wells P Nick, I have known David for five years; plus four months on FB before arriving here, he is the real deal.  

Benefits of being a sponsored child

Turn your life into a love story

Nancy R

 Thank you so much for taking care of Claire Anne and sending me the picture, it really meant a ot to know you are taking such good care of the kids from the sponsors.. I just want to reach out and hug her. God Bless you in your work for Him….Every day is a nice day when we walk with Jesus but getting these pictures of this special little angel is an extra bonus for me.. So nice to know Claire is going to church and learning about Jesus andHis love for her. ♥ God Bless!! 🙂

SEND US A MESSAGE ABOVE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPONSOR ............................................................................................................................. Hope House Cebu is not just another souless charity organization operating in the slums of Mambaling. Children that live in the most wretched poverty and danger are afforded safety, new clean clothes, rice for their families. Electricity bills are paid so that a shack can have lights and children that would not even be allowed in a fast food place are taken for ice cream and the little extras that we do not give a second thought to. They are treated like creations of inestimable value and not just generic "pagan babies" to assuage Western guilt. Hope House gets them off the streets and feeds them the gospel of Jesus Christ-the most valuable beauty and power in the universe. On the HHC site you can see frequent pictures of your “children” and form relationships….touch lives and do mercy you never thought possible. If Christ’s love constrains you to act in love……consider Hope House Cebu……

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