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My name is Joe Prusac, I am 48 years old I am visiting Hope House Church from Australia. I arrived Sat October and stayed at a hotel two days and then have been staying at Hope House till now. 
I have been following Hope House for some time and I had a dream when I was in my teens to 
do missionary work. I wanted to see what it is like at Hope House. David did not know me, but 
he said I could visit. 
I have to tell you that my experience here has been life changing. It is overwhelming, amazing, I 
can’t find all the words to tell you. David went out of his way to show me everything, discuss 
the finances and all aspects of his ministry here. He told me how they have been maligned by some
and fake news put out about them, and how this hurt the children. 
I feel like I was sent by God to tell the true story of Hope House. I kept looking for something wrong
and I could not find anything wrong. David is a true inspiration. He is selfless, caring and kind. What he has done and is doing is beyond human.
He is not putting on a show for me, because you can tell everything happening is how it is. I spoke to 
many people here and they love David, and the children love David. Everywhere David has taken me, children run up to him. They love David. David is a great man of God. David knows the bible well and in our conversations he refers to many bible verses and then expounds on them. I have found it very interesting. 

I enjoyed his explanation of baptism, and was moved to get baptized here at Hope House. 
David is also very humble. I don’t think he knows what he has done here and I dont think he knows how 
much he has affected people around the world. David also makes people laugh and has a tremendous ability
to reach people through humor. I heard some of his story from the past, and I think I have met a man 
who was truly called by God, more than anyone I have met in my life. As you might see, I am totally sold 
out for Hope House at this point. 
Ailene is very strong, and passionate about the Lord. She helps David translating to the Cebuano language but she can deliver powerful sermons in her own right. She came out of the Catholic church along with several that I talked to here. I also have come out of the Catholic church. I was blind, but now I can see, and David is an expert in the Catholic religion and their teachings. Both David and Ailene are pure souls. When they have spoken, I felt the power of God’s presence fill up the area. I also have seen David giving and he doesnt photo it. There is a lot of giving going on here that nobody sees. There is also a lot of teaching going on here. 
The children are so happy here at Hope House and they feel safe here. Children are in fact being trafficked here and I have seen this for myself. David also puts himself at risk in places that he goes. People are being shot in those areas. This place is so important. It is needed. If God were not in this, David would have been gone a long time ago. I have no reason at all to tell you anything other than the truth. I am telling you the truth because in this small way I can help the children. I do not have a lot of money. I have a great desire to help the children here as a result of my visit, and I know that David is helping them. I got to see photos going back to 2010 and talk to the children that were in those photos. I spoke to people who have had houses built for them, Ive spoken to many children who are in school because of Hope House. I have spoken to young people
in college who tell me they are in college because of David. They use Davids name and the name of Jesus. As I said David has been their inspiration. I want to emphatically state that the money is going to benefit the children. I am an eye witness, I have no reason to say these things other than having seen for myself with my own eyes and heard with my own hears that this is the work of God here. The children here need help and I will do all that I can in my power to help them.

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Hope House Cebu is not just another soulless charity organization operating in the slums of Mambaling. Children that live in the most wretched poverty and danger are afforded safety, new clean clothes, rice for their families. Electricity bills are paid so that a shack can have lights and children that would not even be allowed in a fast food place are taken for ice cream and the little extras that we do not give a second thought to. They are treated like creations of inestimable value and not just generic “pagan babies” to assuage Western guilt. Hope House gets them off the streets and feeds them the gospel of Jesus Christ-the most valuable beauty and power in the universe. On the HHC site you can see frequent pictures of your “children” and form relationships….touch lives and do mercy you never thought possible. If Christ’s love constrains you to act in love……consider Hope House Cebu……Glenn Fairman 

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